Tame the Outdoors with Pergolas and Trellis Covers

At Hunter Knepshield, we’re your premier destination for high-quality pergolas and trellis covers designed to enhance the beauty, functionality, and comfort of your outdoor spaces. Pergolas and trellis covers are versatile and visually appealing structures that provide shade and style, making them the perfect addition to various settings. Versatile and practical, pergolas and trellis covers have numerous applications that extend from sport covers to garden shades, transforming outdoor environments into inviting and shaded retreats.

Pergolas: From Sport to Serenity

Pergolas are the workhorses of shade and shelter. Infinitely customizable, they can be built in just the right size, shape and color to fit almost any shelter need.

Sport Covers: Pergolas have evolved into essential sport covers, serving as reliable bleacher shelters and dugout shelters. Our sport pergolas provide athletes, spectators, and staff with a shaded area to seek refuge from the sun, whether you’re enjoying a game from the bleachers or strategizing in the dugout. They ensure that everyone remains comfortable, protected, and focused on the game.

Picnic Shelters: Pergolas offer an inviting space for outdoor gatherings. Whether it’s a family picnic, a community barbecue, or a corporate event, our pergolas create the ideal picnic shelter. Their open design allows for fresh air and a sense of connection with nature while providing essential shade for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Event Spaces: Elevate your outdoor events with pergolas designed to serve as event spaces. These versatile structures create an elegant atmosphere for weddings, parties, and celebrations. Whether you’re planning an intimate garden wedding or a grand outdoor reception, our pergolas set the stage for a memorable and picturesque occasion.

Bus Stop Shelters: In urban environments, pergolas have proven to be stylish and functional bus stop shelters. They offer waiting passengers a shaded and sheltered space to escape from the elements, ensuring a comfortable and convenient experience while using public transportation.

Trellis Covers: Nature-Inspired Comfort

Light-filtering, open and breezy, trellises are designed to add shade and structure while still allowing the natural environment to take center stage.

Trellis Walkway Shade: Trellis covers are perfect for creating walkway shade. Their lattice-like design filters sunlight in a way that mimics dappled sunlight through leaves. They add a touch of nature to your outdoor space while providing shelter along pathways, walkways, and sidewalks, enhancing both the beauty and comfort of your surroundings.

Garden Shade: Trellis covers are often used as garden shade structures. They offer plants a partial shade to thrive while creating a serene and cool space for garden enthusiasts to relax and appreciate the beauty of their green haven.

Bench Shade: Trellis covers provide shade for benches and seating areas, ensuring that park-goers and visitors can rest comfortably while enjoying the outdoors. They not only shield people from the sun but also add an element of elegance to public and private spaces.

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Pergolas and trellis covers functional shade solutions that also create inviting and beautiful outdoor environments. Whether you’re looking to enhance a sports facility, provide a serene garden setting, or offer a stylish gathering space, Hunter Knepshield’s pergolas and trellis covers are here to elevate your outdoor spaces. Contact us today to find the shade solution for your specific needs.