Mini Shelters and Kiosks To Enhance Everyday Experiences

At Hunter Knepshield, we understand the importance of creating comfortable and convenient outdoor spaces that cater to a wide range of needs. Our mini shelters, designed for individual picnic tables and bus stops, along with our versatile kiosks for various purposes, are crafted to provide shelter, convenience, and an inviting atmosphere. Mini shelters and kiosks help create pleasant, functional, and well-organized outdoor environments.

Mini Shelters: Small Comfort, Big Impact

An excellent option for smaller spaces, our mini shelters still deliver big on style and functionality. Customized as you like, and built to the same exacting standards as larger shelter structures.

Individual Picnic Table Covers: Use mini shelters as individual picnic table covers for a fantastic addition to parks, recreational areas, and outdoor dining spaces. They offer a personal shaded area for families, friends, or solo picnickers to enjoy their meals without direct exposure to the sun. These mini shelters enhance the outdoor dining experience, creating a comfortable and pleasant environment for all.

Bus Stop Shelters: In urban and suburban settings, mini shelters function perfectly as bus stop shelters. Provide essential refuge for commuters, protecting them from the elements. These shelters ensure that waiting for public transportation is a hassle-free and comfortable experience. With a stylish design that complements the surroundings, our bus stop shelters are both functional and visually appealing.

Kiosks: Convenient Information Hubs

Sometimes a kiosk is all you need. Small and discreet, they do the job without hogging all the space.

For Entrance Areas: Kiosks placed at entrance areas of businesses, institutions, and public spaces serve as information hubs. They provide maps, directories, and important announcements, making navigation and communication more efficient for visitors and employees. With customizable designs, these kiosks can be tailored to reflect the unique identity of the location.

For Apartment Communities: In apartment communities and residential complexes, our kiosks offer a centralized communication point. They can display important announcements, events, contact information, and resident directories, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall living experience.

For Public Spaces: Kiosks in public spaces are a valuable addition. Whether they provide information about historical sites, offer a space for posting public notices, or function as a self-service information point, these kiosks enhance accessibility and create well-informed communities.

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The mini shelters and kiosks by Hunter Knepshield are designed to enhance everyday experiences by adding convenience, functionality, and comfort to outdoor settings. Whether you’re creating a cozy space for outdoor dining, protecting commuters at bus stops, or improving information-sharing in various environments, our mini shelters and kiosks are here to serve you. Contact us today to explore our range and find the perfect solution to cater to your specific needs and enhance your outdoor spaces.